Gobenchmark Score

Organizations often face challenges in terms of implementing and maintaining high-quality IT services. Whether they develop them in-house or use 3rd party software, the user experience is crucial for their business.

Our Gobenchmark Score makes the unmeasurable measurable.

You might know that you can't control what you can't measure. Gobenchmark brings you a framework-based assessment and benchmarking to see how you are doing compared to the industry average. It asks discovery questions and transforms your answers into a scoring system from C- to A.

The benefit of such a scoring system is that you can measure your adoption of industry standards and see how you improve over time as you close identified gaps.

Gobenchmark Score C (C- to C)
  • Lowest Score.
  • Technical and methodical gaps.
  • Spend too much time and money.
Gobenchmark Score B (B- to B)
  • Medium Score.
  • Some IT problems are still impacting their customers.
  • Awareness of software quality.
Gobenchmark Score A (A- to A)
  • Highest Score.
  • Excellent adoption of industry practices.
  • Low troubleshooting efforts.
  • High-quality services.
  • Teams have more time for optimization and innovation.

Gobenchmark translates intangible metrics into scores to represent how your systems work and how you can improve them.